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About Connex

At Connex, we’re passionate about using technology to dramatically improve people’s lives and businesses.

See, here’s the thing. We believe that technology should work FOR people, not the other way around. Technology should make life simpler, not more complex.

That’s why we focus on workflow and process automation. We love being able to take tedious, complex processes and transform them into automated, efficient, highly productive processes.

We’re happiest when we’re solving our client’s stickiest, most frustrating problems.

We’re not a development agency. Rather, we’re a custom solutions agency that uses off-the-shelf products to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients. We have a lot of expertise using a lot of different tools, and this allows us to always choose the right tools for the job.

We also pride ourselves on maintaining low overhead, which allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients. We’re remotely distributed, with employees located around the world. Sometimes we get together and party, but most of the time we stay in touch using tools like Slack and Zoom.

The Backstory

Connex was started in 2010 by Paul Kortman. Before starting the company, Paul was an IT Systems Administrator (certified nerd). Then he built a digital marketing department while working within a traditional marketing firm. Finally, he launched Connex as a marketing agency. After a number of years of offering digital marketing services, the company shifted its focus exclusively to workflow automation and process systematization. 

Regardless of what we’ve looked like, our mission has always remained the same: to improve our client’s bottom line while also constantly providing superior service.


Meet The Team

Paul kortman

CEO, Business Development, Process Strategist

Paul brings a unique combination of skills and abilities to the table. His 12 years of experience in IT allow him to easily understand complex technologies, while his liberal arts degree has equipped him with outstanding people skills. His marketing expertise enables him to think strategically about business, and his years of experience as a small business owner allows him to clearly communicate with other business owners. Paul has four children, lives in Mexico, loves horseback riding, and is looking for his next great hiking adventure.

Vera Nguyenova

Operations Manager, Zapier Expert

Vera started with Connex in 2015 as a Virtual Assistant. Thanks to her ability to rapidly learn, Vera quickly took on many more responsibilities. Now Vera oversees many of the day-to-day operations of Connex. When she’s not implementing systems for clients, she can be found traveling around the world, doing karate, and being generally adventurous.

Anna Kucirkova

Process Automator, Quality Control Expert

Anna was added to the team when we were developing a link building system. She has taken every challenge the team has thrown at her and brought the quality of the Connex work to the next level. Anna is currently studying to pass the Zapier expert certification and is developing internal systems within Connex. When not in front of a computer, Anna enjoys time with her niece, riding her motorcycle or traveling. Food is very important to Anna and she chooses which countries to return to based on the food there!


What Our Clients Say About Us:

“Working with Connex Digital saved me so much time and so for me it was priceless.”

Brian Pascal


“Overall, I’d say we are at about five hours saved per week based on the automation work that Connex and team has done.”

James Link

Cornerstone University

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