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About Paul Kortman

PK-largeSquare-300x300Who is Paul Kortman?

Just who is this guy anyways?

Paul likes to talk about himself in the third person.

He’s a certified Nerd, having spent 12 years in the IT jungle.

He’s figured out a thing or two about digital marketing and started Connex Digital Marketing in 2010

Just three months later he founded his second company Bulko and a year   later went on to start his third company ThingShare.co Both of these   companies focused on collaborative consumption. A concept that drives large organizations like Airbnb and FlipKey.

Paul brings his experience as a small business entrepreneur to the table every time he consults on a marketing project. He believes that marketing is driven by the organization but also drives the organization. In essence marketing can define product development, revenue, and profitability.

He’s married with 4 lovely kids and have ventured out on the road as a vagabond family.

But what people say the most about Paul is that he can connect the dots, he is nerdy enough to know the nitty gritty details of search engine algorithms yet personable to explain the high level of those details in such a way that people can understand and take steps to improve without his further assistance. He likes to blog about search engine and social media marketing.

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