Everyone seems to be posting or emailing something about their business and COVID-19. In our case, we’re just publishing this here on our website for potential clients as most existing clients know how we work.

First off, we’re a remote company and for the 10 years that Connex has existed, we have always been a remote-based company. This allows us to work as normal from our home offices as we always have.

Second, We are spread through two continents (Europe and North America) so we have some redundancy in place if one of those two continents loses internet connectivity or something drastic, the other teammates in the other continent will continue operations as normal.

Third, Now is the time to use our services, as we focus on automating so when your staff is unavailable the business still continues operating. In short, yes we are taking on new clients.

Questions? Contact Us or clientaccess@connex.digital or +1 231-414-6009