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Data Analysis: Google Analytics and more!

When the data the scrolling numbers actually looks like walls, floor, hallway and 3 Agents.Data-Seeing-the-Matrix

That. Moment.

That’s what our team experiences every day looking at the data behind your website, or campaigns.

We love data.

We can also see many things in the data that others would miss.

Data analysis and Google Analytics

Data analysis is the foundation for all of the services Connex provides to our clients. This is why we offer a free SEO analysis because the data will determine if your site needs work or is fine.  The world of digital marketing according to the team here at Connes is based on data. You need to either understand the data and it’s conclusions yourself or contract with Connex to help you see the Matrix and draw conclusion to make appropriate decisions.

Look at it this way, if you were driving a car blind (sans data) you wouldn’t get very far without crashing because you don’t have the data helping you make decisions on what levers to push and where to turn. However if you have this data (and more due to heads up displays and great dashboard gauges) You’re able to drive on the autobahn at top speed. This is why we make a big deal of getting your data tracking implementation correct. We want you to have as much information as possible. Based on the information we are able to determine success or failure of a campaign or technique. By using the data you will have solid evidence of what we have achieved.

Hire Connex to help you with Data Analysis and Google Analytics

We are an entire team well versed in implementing tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Moz, Omniture/Adobe Marketing Cloud), Kissmetrics and many other tools to ensure having all possible data for you. Since implementing these tools can be quite technical and require specific skills we recommend you hire an experienced partner. It would be terrible to have these tools installed part way and find out 6 months down the road you’ve been basing your decisions on faulty data! If that’s not enough of a reason here are 6 more!

We clean and segment your data

Segmenting data into relevant subgroups helps show patterns specific to that subgroups behavior. For example if we segmented to the users who bought/signed-up/converted. What similarities would we see in that group? What if we found that they all purchased on their second or third visit to the site? We could pour more efforts into retargeting and change the call to actions on your site for an email signup instead of a buy now. Or which type of users stay the longest on your website and view the most pages? Structuring and segmenting the data is one of the key to better understanding how users use (or don’t use)your website.

We compare your data

Sometimes it’s not enough to know your bounce rate, or your percent of traffic from Social Media. What if you could have insights into your industry or your competitors and know their data points. Are you doing better or worse? Or what if your industry has a low click through rate how can we convince users to change their default behaviors? We work with many different companies across many different industries and therefore we can advise you as to what is “normal” or “industry standard” and what in your data is under or over performing.

We develop actionable data driven conclusions

Data doesn’t lie, but it can be confusing sometimes! Working with Connex is like having a heart surgeon looking at your EKG. We will draw unbiased conclusions from the data. Which will provide a plan for you to not only prevent a heart attack but have your website/sales system running as efficiently as possible. Having significant amount (tons) of data is one thing. However, understand that data and interpreting it is another altogether.

When you’re looking at the data you might just see a bunch of values. We see the bigger picture behind them (Much like Neo sees the Matrix. We understand what the data means and can develop a set of actions to improve the data. We gain insight into marketing channels and tactics which are working and which are not. This helps you decide where you should put your money and effort.

We provide data driven solutions to grow your business

There are significantly cool things we can do with digital marketing, but none of them are as goos as those which help you grow your business. Due to data analysis we only make recommendations that provide business growth (increased sales, lover cost of acquisition etc.). Our recommendations are not guesses, we have evidence in cold, hard data. This makes us more than Marketers, as we develop business solutions to decrease spending and increase revenue thereby directly affecting your profit.

We repeat the process until you rule the world

You can outperform the best player in your field? How do you do that? With data. Once you have the correct data tracking systems in place it’s easy to see which efforts are working and which are not.

We have to warn you here. We fundamentally believe there will always be room for improvement. Little adjustments, shifts based on other things the market is doing. Strategies that work today may not work in a year. So you will never hear: there is nothing else to be done. We never want to stop improving, momentum is the key.

You want the same which is why you are actually reading this, right?

So why wait?

Signup today for a free assessment of your data tracking. There will be some interesting insights we both will have!