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It’s straight forward right?

To market your company, brand, product or service you need to generate content.

But the objections are too many to count.

Consider those I hear frequently from my clients:

  • I don’t have time to generate the content
  • My customer doesn’t read blogs
  • There is too much to read already, I’d just contribute to the noise
  • No one reads my stuff
  • There’s no immediate benefit

Most typically business owners and marketers set out to generate content and find it consistently gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. There are a couple reasons for this

  • Tyranny of the urgent, customers, clients and bosses need many things, but they’ll never plead for more content (until you give it to them)
  • Good intentions: Most professionals can write, however they don’t have the time to write and cannot write as fast as a professional writer
  • Audience: The believe that no one cares about what you’d have to say.

There are dozens of proof cases around the success stories of generating content and how it has dramatically improved the business. But lets just say there’s two keys to generating content that will improve your business:

Key #1: Write for Your Audience

Imagine you’re a manufacturer of pins, special pins that only fit in a special tool that only 10 companies in the world would buy. Why would you generate content for them?

Because they’re humans, and we all like a good story, we all care about something, and we all like to laugh and learn new things.

Here’s the point: Don’t write about yourself, your business or what you’re making, selling or doing. Write what they want to hear, or would be interested in. For example write about metallurgy and how metals can do amazingly strange things.

Still struggling with what to write about? Set up a free appointment with me and I’ll help you discover what topics would be important to your target audience.

Key #2: Write Frequently

Practice makes perfect.

To get your audiences attention you need to have good content. Your first article will not be good.

It’s the practice of generating content that will improve the quality.

Some people write 1,000 words a day out of habit. I’d say start with 500 a week. Do that for 4 weeks and you’ll be in a really great spot!

The Tip

Generate content. No matter what, start writing and posting. you’ll find your groove.

Oh and the benefits

  • Google likes sites that have fresh (new/additional) content
  • Users like to share blog/article content (not static pages)
  • People who like your content will link to it from their blog/website. – this brings users, and improves your rankings with Google

Looking forward to links to your new articles. I’ll read it and share it!