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online-internationalizationSo much of SEO is focused on local search and specifically for retail and local services sector this makes sense. But have you considered making your online efforts international in focus? Especially if you are in the tourism or hospitality sector.

Think of it this way, if you run a local coffee shop with free Wi-Fi; tourists traveling through your area might not speak English as their primary language. What if they’re looking for a place to work/eat like a local. You’ll need to stand out, to have something that offers them help.

What if that person speaks Mandarin as their primary language. What if you had an explanation of how to get to your store in mandarin on your site?

In today’s global internet driven economy the little touches count. They can make the difference between success or a mediocracy.

Or consider it this way: You’ve been posting memes on your social accounts. The text within those pictures won’t translate using Google Translate. What if you posted two versions of those one in English, one in mandarin?

I don’t need to worry about this Google Translate will work on my website. (Facebook also has a translator)

Have you asked a native speaker of another language to read your site via Google Translate? Believe it or not finding people to do this for you is simple via Elance or Fiverr.

Other Apps?

Facebook is huge the world over but it is not the preferred app for connecting/communicating outside the us. Line, has taken Asia by storm and no matter how much Facebook copies their functionality (tried the Facebook messenger app lately?) they’re still loosing Asians to Line.

Line has official chat lines for businesses. Imagine if that same international traveler opened Line and looked for something to do in the area. Even if you didn’t speak their language the fact that your on their preferred platform will set you apart.

Oh and yeah you can use Google Translate and a copy/paste strategy to figure out what they’re saying and to translate your reply.

What about review sites like TripAdvisor?

So often we’re focused on citations and directory sites that we forget about tourists sites like TripAdvisor. Consider asking customers for reviews on trip advisor. I’ve even seen tip jars in coffee shops that say “A review on trip advisor is better than a tip in this jar and only costs time”

So smart.

Creative originality will help you stand out.

So what are you doing to internationalize your businesses online marketing?