Case Study

Tennis training for coaches and players

CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

New Active Leads Per Month

The Situation

Jorge Capestany, who has earned the Master Professional distinction with both the PTR and the USPTA, is the founder of Capestany Tennis Inc. which develops instructional courses and videos for tennis players and coaches.

His website for tennis coaches – has had thousands of subscribers in more than 65 countries world-wide and features more than 1,000 videos of tennis drills. His website for tennis players Jorge Capestany features free video lessons for players of all levels as well as a Mental Toughness Video Course and eBook. Jorge came to Connex to help him increase lead generation for both platforms through online advertising (PPC).

The Strategy

Jorge Capestany partnered with Connex Digital Marketing on the PPC Dialed In strategy to increase lead generation through PPC channels and improve the visibility on social media through Facebook Ads. Connex makes daily adjustments to the Capestany advertissing campigns to increase the number of leads while lowering the cost per lead.


“Working with Paul and his team is so smooth and educational. Not only do I receive stunning results but each time I’m on the phone with Paul he teaches me best practices and what I can improve in other aspects of my business, from landing page optimization to email marketing. Connex has helped me to continue to grow my business and stay a leader in the field of tennis drills.”

Jorge Capestany

CEO, Capestany Tennis Inc.

The Results

Within few months of using the Dialed In service from Connex Digital Marketing, Jorge experienced 269% increase in sign-ups to his courses.

Cost Per Click

An average CPC of $0.03!

Who wouldn’t want that?


Increasing impressions while decreasing costs.

Sign-ups - Actual Conversions

From 130 leads a month to 350 leads a month, that’s a 269% (2.69x) increase in LEADS. People who are interested in Jorge Capestany’s tennis coaching service.

What would doubling your leads do for you and your business?

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