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Some build a degree. At Cornerstone University, you also build a life

Facebook Leads per Month

Cost per Lead

The Situation

Cornerstone University is a Christ-centered university with a passion for global influence through the transforming power of the gospel. Cornerstone offers adult undergraduate and graduate programs through the Professional & Graduate Studies (PGS) division. The PGS division ended their agreement with two previous lead generators and asked Connex to manage their Facebook Advertising campaign(s) in order to increase the quantity and quality of leads generated via Facebook.

The Strategy

The main focus and desire from Connex Digital Marketing is to increase leads through Facebook Advertisements. Through optimizing the campaigns on a daily basis Connex aims to increase the number of conversions while lowering the total cost per lead.

“Connex has been a great digital and consulting resource as we transitioned our marketing and student recruitment functions here. I am impressed with the knowledge, availability, and expert assistance Paul and the Connex team continue to provide to PGS. As more of our students enroll in online degree programs, our success is measured by the number of quality leads generated and converted into enrollments. By helping us generate Facebook leads, Connex plays a key role in helping us achieve our goals!”

James Link

Executive Director of Enrollment Services, PGS Division, Cornerstone University

The Results

While Connex and Cornerstone have been working together for over a year the Dialed-in-PPC service is relativly new to Cornerstone and Connex has been able to acheive some results in that time: Connex increased Facebook leads from 1/week to 6/week. It is still too early to tell how soon the campaign will reach the desired 10 new leads per week.

Cost Per Click

Average CPC of $2 and lowering!

What would a CPC of $2 do for your business?


Impressions continue to increase while costs (CPM) continue to decrease


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