Case Study

Fast and cost-efficient global shipping services for online sellers.

Articles Written

Backlinks Acquired

The Situation

Fulfillment Company is a leading provider of international crowdfunding and e-commerce fulfillment, recognized for fast and cost-effective worldwide shipping services. However, like most businesses they needed more traffic and more customers, they needed people to be familiar with their brand and aware that Fulfillment Company is an option

The Strategy

Fulfillment Company partnered with Connex Digital Marketing on the Skyscraper SEO strategy to improve their visibility and searchability (rank) over all of their desired keywords. We created two articles a month and brought in (and continue to bring in) 10 new referring domains per article.


“We love Connex’s work. The content is really well written and always on point, plus the backlinks are always respectful and above board.  This has truly been a hands off process. Not only that they have increased our traffic but also doubled our leads!”

Chris Madison

CEO, Fulfillment Company

The Results

In 6 months of using skyscraper Fulfillment Company has increased by almost 200 referring domains. Their organic traffic has doubled and they’ve experienced a doubling of their leads. Because of this, Fulfillment Company is looking to increase the frequency of articles with Skyscraper SEO and see a doubling again, possibly within 3 months.

Referring Domains

From 10 to over 200 referring domains (and climbing!)

Organic Traffic Increase (Google Analytics)

Doubled from 4,500 to over 10,000 Organic Sessions per month

Leads - Actual Conversions

From 127 leads a month to 271 leads a month, that’s a 213% (2.13x) increase in LEADS. People who are interested in Fulfillment Company’s service.

What would doubling your leads/sales do for you?

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