Case Study

American Made Dock Boxes that will make your time on the dock as enjoyable as it should be.

Articles Written

Backlinks Acquired

The Situation

Mobox Marine is a provider of American made boat accessories. Specifically they make the highest quality dock boxes, dock steps, and trash receptacles available on the market. Because their products are seasonal and they are a small player in the market they needed to increase sales and awareness of their brand.

The Strategy

Mobox Marine partnered with Connex Digital Marketing on the Skyscraper SEO strategy to improve their visibility and searchability (rank) over all of their desired keywords. Connex created an article a month and brought in (and continue to bring in) 10 new referring domains per article.

“We’ve been working with Connex for several years. It’s been a great collaboration with Paul’s team. When Paul mentioned Skyscraper method I wasn’t so sure about it. After few months we were thrilled about the results! Our phones are constantly ringing!”

Doug Peterson

Co-Founder & CEO, Mobox Marine

The Results

Without a doubt, the Skyscraper SEO strategy has been the best marketing strategy they have ever experienced. They went from receiving 250 organic sessions a month to 800 organic sessions a month (yes that’s more than double!) within 6 months. But what really matters is sales, revenue, bottom line numbers and impact. We’ve seen their orders increase significantly, and their total revenue increase as well. See the charts below for more specifics.

Referring Domains

From 50 to over 110 referring domains (and climbing!)

Organic Traffic Increase (Google Analytics)

Tripled from 250 to over 800 Organic Sessions per month

Sales - Actual Conversions

From 1-2  sales a month to 6-7 sales a month, that’s a 350% (3.5x) increase in SALES. People who actually bought a Mobox Marine products.

What would tripling your leads/sales do for you?

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