Case Study

Online training that makes you more musical.

Articles Written

Backlinks Acquired

The Situation

Musical U is a website and community dedicated to helping you to become more musical. However, like most businesses they needed more traffic and more customers, they needed people to join their online training program.

The Strategy

Musical U joined the Skyscraper SEO strategy with Connex and choose quarterly posts. The purpose in using this program was to improve Musical U’s organic position and searchability in the online world. As a quarterly arangement Connex created a single article each quarter (3 months) and did the work to acquire 10 new referring domains.


“We were highly impressed with the excellent content produced by the Connex team. Not your average SEO-minded content, these were seriously solid educational articles which stood up to our normal high standards without needing any revisions by our team. Connex were also able to secure a good number of backlinks which no doubt contributed significantly to improving our organic rankings.”

Christopher Sutton

Founder and Director, Musical-U

The Results

With only 2 articles (6 months) Connex brought in 20 referring domains. As part of an overall strategy which expanded the website and added an additional 176 referring domains this helped grow Musical U’s organic traffic massively and now they average over 100,000 visitors per month.

Referring Domains

From 0 to over 190 referring domains (and climbing!)

Organic Traffic Increase (Google Analytics)

From 4,500 to over 101,000 Organic Sessions per month

Leads - Actual Conversions

From 3,000 leads a month to 7,000 leads a month, that’s a 233% (2.33x) increase in LEADS. People who are interested in Musical-U’s service.

What would doubling your leads/sales do for you?

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