Case Study

A single source for custom copper, aluminum, and other non-ferrous forgings.



The Situation

Weldaloy is a key supplier of forged non-ferrous products to the aerospace, oil and gas, power equipment, superconductor, semiconductor and material processing industries. Even though they are experts in their industry Weldaloy is not known well enough to receive regular, stable inbound requests for quotes.

The Strategy

Weldaloy elected to employ Connex’ Dialed In PPC service to increase targeted traffic and leads. Due to the narrow focus on the B2B nature of Weldaloy’s work Connex has built a campaign which has more negative keywords to optimize placement and targeting. Because of this Weldaloys ads show in the first position even with a limited budget.


“Connex does a great job. It’s great to start leveraging our website for more than just a brocheure. We now receive leads on a regular basis through our website. This has been great for our sales team.”

Rick Warren

Chairman & CEO, Weldaloy

The Results

Due to the challenging nature of this nitch (most people searching forging are looking for steel (ferous) forgings. Weldaloy does not work with steel (and other ferrous metals) so we had to have a slow start. However with much persistance we’ve now been able to produce 10 or more qualified leads a month at a cost per lead of less than $100.

Cost Per Click

Average CPC is $3.20


Lowered CPM from $99 to $35

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