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What if you went to Amazon.com and found a product (like a cherry pitter) that would make life better and the price was not listed.

What if it said “call for pricing” would you call? Would you buy it?

In today’s day of overnight shipping and instant delivery via drones we are becoming more and more accustom to instant gratification. That philosophy is also permeating the business to business marketplace.

Sign up for a webinar, download this white paper and we’ll contact you to do a demo of our software. These sales techniques don’t work well anymore.

SaaS (Software as a service) has changed all that.

We now expect to know how much a product or a service is going to cost on a monthly basis. Without having to talk to a salesperson. Shoot we even expect that there is a custom pricing option on everything where we can call and discuss our needs (or a bulk discount) but we typically just go for the packages as listed.

You know it’s true for you and your business as well.

Connex has been recommending to our B2B clients to publish their pricing and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to follow our own recommendation. Our pricing is now public here. There are still plenty of caveats but you should be able to know what it will cost to work with Connex based on this page.

Does this help or hurt our business?


Will people be scared off from working with us because we’re too expensive and haven’t made enough of a sales pitch to justify that cost?

If so there are larger problems than publishing our pricing structure.

Time will tell, but I fully believe that this is the right thing to do.