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In our last Digital Marketing Tip we recommended setting up Buffer a tool that allows you to schedule content days, weeks, and even months ahead through an intuitive queue or buffer.

But that only solves one problem, how to post and keep on top of your business social media channels.  But how do you find the content to post? What if it takes hours to source good content? That’s still valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

What if there were a way to find high quality curated content that you could just post to your buffer easily.

There are two ways to do this.

Buffer Mobile App

Within the Buffer Mobile app there are content suggestions.

buffer Content suggestions

Within an account in Buffer’s mobile app tap on Suggestions

Simply tap on Suggestions and then add to Buffer.

However this method has a problem. What if the curator at Buffer is giving you stuff that isn’t right? That’s why Buffer built their next (iOS only currently) app:

Buffer Daily App

Enter Buffer’s Daily App. It’s very similar if not the same content in the suggestions area of their mobile app but there are three areas of improvement.

The first area of improvement is laser focus. This app is dedicated to fill your buffer (queue) not to manage your buffer, your schedule your default accounts or anything like that, simply choose an account and content is presented for your approval to post or reject.

Buffer Daily App Account

Choose an Account to Focus on.


The Second area of improvement is the ease of adding to your buffer.

  • Click to read
  • Slide to the right to add to buffer
  • Slide to the left to ignore the suggestion


Buffer Daily App Suggestion

slide or tap the red/green buttons. Seconds to post content

The Best area of improvement is the ability to choose Topics. Connex’ accounts are dedicated to Marketing tips and content. Posting content about Lifehacking and Startups aren’t what users come to Connex for. So by limiting the topics to Marketing we’re able to see just what would apply for our audience. Buffer promises to add more topics soon but in the meantime pick one that would apply to your audience and be presented with great human-curated content.



Buffer Daily App Topics

Basic topics for now


In the end this is simply basic content, you need to continue to post personal content in between these posts that apply directly to your audience and your business. Stay true to your brand, your identity and bring value to your audience. But use this tip to save some time doing it!

What are your other favorite sources for content? Let us know in the comments below this post