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Just the basics for now, if you’re not doing this you’re missing out!

Do you have a difficult time keeping your business’ social media accounts active? How do others find time to post when you’re busy in meetings and working? You know that you need to space out your content and “always be online.” But as a busy owner or marketer you don’t have the time to do that.

Here’s three simple steps to keeping your social media accounts active:

  1. Subscribe via email or RSS to blogs with engaging content that matters to your target audience.
  2. Setup Buffer. Buffer is a tool that allows you to specify a schedule for social media posts. Choose the days and times that you want content to be published. When you add content at any time of the day, any point in the week and it will be posted at the right time. Set a schedule for 2x a day M-F initially.
  3. Monday morning (or Sunday night!) read the blog posts you subscribed to, and schedule them to buffer using anyone of their plugins/tools. In less than an hour you can have your entire week booked with content. All you need is 10 good articles.

It’s hard enough finding the right content. Why should you have to also think about when the last time you posted and if this is the right time for your audience? Simply determine that once and don’t think about it.

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