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Join the Zapier Bootcamp

Are you seeking to gain more knowledge how to use Zapier effectively? This Zapier Bootcamp is designed for people who want to maximize the use of Zapier and possibly become a Zapier Expert themselves.

Connex Digital is one of the first experts in the Zapier experts program and now are one of the top 10 Premier Experts. This is your chance to learn from the experts, the Zapier masters.


Meet Your Instructors

Paul and Vera are passionate about Zapier. They spend their time working with client projects and providing feedback to the Zapier team on new features. From small business process automation to enterprise syncing Paul and Vera have built and consulted on thousands of zaps over the past 4 years.

Paul Kortman

Paul Kortman

Paul brings a unique combination of skills and abilities to the table. His 12 years of experience in IT enables him to easily understand complex technologies, while his liberal arts degree has equipped him with outstanding people skills. His marketing expertise enables him to think strategically about business, and his years of experience as a small business owner allows him to clearly communicate with other business owners

Vera Nguyenova

Vera oversees many of the day-to-day operations of Connex. With a background in international business and marketing Vera brings a process orientated mindset to solving problems. From simple lead flow to complex data calculations and formulas Vera loves solving problems through designing and implementing repeatable processes and workflows. 


What will you learn?

Storage, Digest, Formatter, Loop

Have you ever had an issue mapping values of steps? Or dealing with steps that sometimes fail and sometimes run successfully? We’ll teach you when and how to use digest.

Webhooks & Sub-zaps

Become a no-code nerd and take your zaps to the next level. Call zaps between each other and more!

Arbitrary API calls

Having trouble finding a trigger or an action from an application and can’t wait until the Zapier developers integrate it? We’ll show you how to hit any API from Zapier.

Live instruction

This is not a recorded course. We meet live daily. You will put into practice things you learn that day and ask questions in real time.

Build your own integrations

Missing an app integration on the Zapier platform? We’ll build a custom private app integration together.

Task optimization, DRY method

Complex automations within Zapier can be expensive. We will cover how to use fewer tasks and how to not repeat yourself.

Join the community of Zapier Experts

Starting June 13, 2022

Limited seats are available!

3 weeks of daily sessions

Join the community of Zapier Experts

Starting June 13, 2022

Limited seats are available!

3 weeks of daily sessions

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