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Zapier Support

We are not employees of Zapier, but we are certified experts with the Zapier Experts program. This means while we cannot review logs and dig deep into your account or billing issues we can, however, help you fix broken zaps and develop zaps that work exactly the way you need them to. In short, we love Zapier, but we know that their support team is busy and take a day to respond. So we’re offering this premium service where we can help solve minor problems for you or help you understand how to solve the problems. Pretty sweet, right?


We’re a small team and do not want to promise more than we can do, so we open up our availability windows when we have time (between client projects and meetings) to assist. Often times this will be evenings and weekends. We’ve noticed that’s when people are looking for urgent assistance.  Since this is a premium service we do charge for our time even if we do not solve the issue(s) you are having. We do our best to be quick and right to the point. But some issues are either unfixable (some apps/APIs just do not allow data to flow the way we want it to) and other issues take hours and hours to build around/fix etc.

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