Grindery — Case Study

Oct 7, 2023
Grindery — Case Study
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— Tim Delhaes.
Grindery is looking to connect Web3 apps as Zapier does for Web2.
They were looking to build a Zapier connector that would be the bridge between Web3 and Web2.
Now out of a sudden, you could notify Bitcoin payments via Gmail, or add NFT minting results to Asana! ⚡️


Build a Zapier connector without an API.
Keep the team focused.
Be the first on market.

What specific problem were you looking to solve, that led you to discover Connex Digital?

We wanted to build a Zapier app. And most of our developers were busy working on our core product. Using our resources for something that was not at the core of the business would be challenging, so it sounded like a better idea to do this outsourced.

What were the pain points of not having a solution to this problem?

Zapier app has a dynamic interface. The interface is defined dynamically based on whatever you connect on, so it has kind of a mid connector, a mid data architecture in it.
Also using our resources for something that was not at the core of the business would be challenging, and likely we produce a tremendous amount of waste doing it ourselves.


How Connex Digital helped Grindery:
Scaled a product from a prototype scenario to a stable operation face.
Established a framework and opened possibilities for expansion in other markets.
Provided general training about the connector which helped to optimize their product.


Grindery’s Results
Feedback loop that helped Grindery further straighten out their own product.
Stable and functional custom connector.
Grindery’s developers saved many hours of work that they could invest in other areas of product work.

When did you realize working with Connex Digital was producing results?

I've learned a lot about the unique aspects of our own product and how those unique aspects can be turned into a competitive advantage.

What were your big wins achieved by working with Connex Digital?

We received a product that is stable, there we haven't spent any bucks on anything that comes up now, because the architecture is clear. Our team can deal with it.
We also achieved a great degree of knowledge transfer. One of the worries you usually have as a customer with a subcontractor is that you're gonna build something and then you are married to the subcontractor for the rest of your life. There is sufficient credit to give to both teams that we can now move independently.

What would you say to someone thinking of working with Connex Digital?

I believe you guys deliver a very professional service. You have the domain expertise. And you have the processes and tools in place to service this kind of project. But with our case, I think you're a great resource.
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