Nerd Support as easy as ☝️, ✌️, 🤟


Nerd Support as easy as ☝️, ✌️, 🤟

Enter ZoomFlow…

Whether you need just an hour to overcome a hurdle or a dependable partner for your project, we are here to support you.
Our simple system ensures a uniform approach to collaborating with Experts live, giving you full control of timing and budget.

☝️ Step 1 - Book a Session 🗓️

At a standard rate of $200 per hour, you can enlist the support of an Expert to advance your project in the software you prefer.
Having Experts located all around the world we cover almost every time zone, and multiple languages.
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✌️ Step 2 - Work Together on Zoom 🧑‍💻👩🏻‍💻

Conducted via Zoom, these live, recorded sessions promote direct collaboration with your selected Expert.
You're encouraged to bring along team members. This stage is where practical work is carried out.
Your Expert will tackle the challenges or objectives you've specified, be it training, scoping, fixing, or building a new project from scratch.
You will need to share your screen, and possibly provide remote control, to facilitate the building process. But if you are too busy, we get it, you don’t need to join, you can just receive the update from the Expert when they are done. You decide!
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🤟 Step 3 - Follow-Up Email 💌

Every session is recorded, and with a full update of accomplishments and if there is something that the Expert needs from you. Available to you to watch or read a few hours after the session concludes.
You'll receive an email containing a link to schedule more sessions, either to go through the work, or any ideas that you want to envision with our team of Experts, we are happy to guide you.
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ZoomFlow FAQ

What is the ZoomFlow process?
The ZoomFlow Process, pioneered by the expert consultants at Connex Digital, revolutionizes the way businesses approach system, automation, and workflow development.
This unique service model emphasizes direct, real-time interaction with our skilled experts via Zoom, ensuring instant feedback and unmatched efficiency.
Clients benefit from the flexibility of pre-purchased hours, allowing them to engage with our team at their convenience, either in live sessions or through detailed recordings and progress emails post-consultation.
ZoomFlow Process stands as a testament to Connex Digital's commitment to delivering tailored, cutting-edge solutions with speed and precision, directly aligning with your business needs.
How much will my project cost?
The cost of your project is calculated on an hourly basis. While we can provide an estimated number of hours required, this is not a fixed limit. Each hour worked will bring visible progress, allowing you to gauge the ongoing development and adjust as needed.
Can I just get a Quote from Connex?
In short, no.
We can provide an assumption of the number of hours based on your description of a project. However, this number is not a fixed limit or an agreed to contract because of the nature of systems building, workflow automations and other projects we work on.
We have found that buying each hour and instant/direct feedback for each hour is a better system than project scopes and quotes.
No one likes the conversations “We didn’t predict this issue in the scope, and now it will cost more than the agreed price” or “We didn’t know about this requirement of this API and so now the project outcomes will be limited in this way” after getting a Scope and a Quote. Then the project has to stop, be re-scoped and re-quoted. We don’t like it and neither do you our clients.
So instead, you hear directly from the Expert Consultant after each hour worked with instant feedback on progress, limitations/roadblocks and adjustments in outcomes.
How do I get started with the ZoomFlow process?
It’s quite simple in three steps you too can find the success hundreds of other clients have had with their Automations, Systems, and Workflows built by Connex Digital:
  1. Head on over to this booking page where you can purchase individual time slots or packages of hours.
  1. Schedule those hours.
  1. Show up to the first call to meet and grant access to your expert consultant as well as explain what you want built.
Then after each scheduled hour read the email with a summary of what was accomplished.
How does the ZoomFlow process work when we have an urgent task?
Clients can buy the desired number of hours, such as 20 hours, and then schedule them according to their needs. The expert consultant's calendar is available for clients to choose the hours they want to book. If there is an urgent task and the assigned expert consultant is not available the client can book a time with the first available expert consultant
Where is my Expert Consultant located?
The expert consultants at Connex Digital are located across various continents including Europe, Africa, South America, and North America (including the Caribbean, Mexico, and the US).
Can we match with an expert consultant in our time zone?
Connex Digital aims to match clients with expert consultants who are closely aligned in time zones for better coordination, though this depends on expert consultant availability. Currently Our Expert Consultants are in the following Timezones:
  • Eastern Europe (UTC +2)
  • Central Europe (UTC +1)
  • GMT (UTC)
  • Brazil (UTC -3)
  • Atlantic (UTC -4)
  • Eastern US (UTC -4/5)
  • Central US (UTC -5/6)
What if our expert consultant doesn’t have enough bandwidth?
Typically projects require more bandwidth in the first few weeks. Because of this we limit the amount of new projects an Expert Consultant can be assigned to. If a consultant's calendar is full, we will adjust internally, possibly transitioning projects to a different consultant with more bandwidth.
What if we have issues with the project's direction or with the expert consultant?
In case of any issues with the project direction or the expert consultant, clients can request a change to a different expert consultant. If needed, a transition can be made with no additional cost for the knowledge transfer to the new expert consultant.
What happens if an expert consultant lacks specific expertise for a project's change in direction?
If a project requires specific expertise that the current expert consultant does not possess, the team may bring in another expert consultant with the necessary skills. In these cases the client only pays for one expert consultant while benefiting from the expertise of both.
What's the procedure for transitioning to a different expert consultant?
If a transition to a different consultant is required, the agency takes care of the knowledge transfer internally at no extra cost to the client. This ensures a smooth transition and continuity in project work.
What forms of Payment are accepted? Can you invoice us?
The ZoomFlow process requires payment up front. Payment can be made via Credit Card or ACH via our online booking process.
If you would like to be invoiced and pay via Check or wire transfer we are more than happy to assist with that. Please email your request to team@connex.digital and include how many hours you want to be invoiced for and the desired method of payment.
Once payment is received you will receive a code to be able to use our online booking system to schedule your Expert Consultant for your project