ZoomFlow: The Modern Approach to No-Code Projects


ZoomFlow: The Modern Approach to No-Code Projects

We did no-code consulting for the past 7 years. And have the same time experience with traditional coding projects.
Here’s why ZoomFlow stands out and is the preferred way of working when dealing with no-code:

Direct Consulting

  • One-on-One Expertise: Work directly with a dedicated consultant, ensuring personal and deep involvement in your project.

True Transparency

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Join your Expert at the scheduled time to collaborate over Zoom where you can watch, learn, and give direct feedback as work happens.
  • Recorded Sessions: Can’t make it to the Zoom sessions? Don’t worry. All sessions are recorded and available to you, so you can review the work at any time and stay fully informed. And a summary email follows with every recording so you get the highlights in a 1-min read.

Flexibility and Control

  • No Fixed Fees: Forget about overpaying for estimated scopes. Pay only for the time actually spent on your projects .
  • No Long-term Contracts: This is pay-as-you-go, giving you the power to start, pause, or stop at any moment.

Clear Communication

  • Instant Feedback: No more asking “what’s the status of my project?”. No more telephone games with AMs, PMs, and devs. With live sessions, there’s no delay in communication, no waiting days or weeks for updates, and no middlemen.

Efficient and Dynamic

  • Immediate Work on Task: Tasks are tackled on an hourly basis with a summary of accomplishments provided after each session.
  • Adaptability: The hourly model allows for pivoting as needed when new requirements or challenges arise during the project.

Educational Value

  • Learning Opportunity: Interested parties can sit in on sessions to learn how to manage and execute tasks themselves, boosting internal capabilities.


  • No Surprises: Without a fixed quote, you won't find yourself bound to an underestimated budget or an overestimated project scope.
  • NGO Discount: Special reduced rates are available for non-profit organizations.

ZoomFlow vs Traditional Project

In contrast, traditional project management involves a much more rigid structure with fixed scopes and fees, less direct communication with the individuals working on the project, and often requires renegotiating terms as projects evolve, which can slow down momentum and add costs.
ZoomFlow provides a modern, responsive, and engaging project experience, removing the common barriers that can slow down progress. With ZoomFlow, you're not just hiring a service; you're gaining an expanded team member adept in various no-code tools, ready to move at the pace your projects require.

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