How The Hardy Group saves thousands on Salesforce fees

Jun 27, 2024
How The Hardy Group saves thousands on Salesforce fees

The Client

The Hardy Group is a construction company specialized in luxury hospitality projects.
Their Sales and Marketing team was paying thousands of dollars in Salesforce and Pardot fees, but they felt that the use of Airtable and an email marketing tool would be enough for their specific case.

The Challenge

  • They started using Constant Contact and would like to view data in Airtable so to update contacts and campaigns from there.
  • They would also like to sync contacts from Constant Contact into Airtable.
  • They had Project Management data stored in Salesforce but felt it was not the best place for it and started using Airtable for that.
  • But was missing a sync component to an Excel, useful for visualizing data in PowerBI.

The Solution

  • Connex created Make Automations that triggered on created contacts and campaigns in Constant Contact.
  • Email sent and opens data is synced to Airtable as well.
  • Connex added a script to export Airtable data to Excel so data could be visualized in PowerBI.

The Results

  • Salesforce was phased out and fees saved.
  • Within Airtable there are now custom views for Sales and Marketing that can contain only the necessary data at a glance without having to sift through all data.
  • Airtable data is synced to an Excel on a regular and on-demand basis so visualizations can happen in PowerBI.

Tech Used

  • Make
  • Airtable
  • ConstantContact