Top 5 Automations for Real Estate Companies and Agents

Oct 7, 2023
Top 5 Automations for Real Estate Companies and Agents
As the real estate industry becomes increasingly competitive, companies and agents are turning to automation to help streamline their processes and gain a competitive edge. There are various automated processes and tools available that can help real estate professionals save time, reduce errors, and improve their overall efficiency.
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These top five automations can help real estate companies and agents to streamline their workflows and provide better services to their clients.

☝️ Facebook Leads Ads to CRM

Speed up your sales process by automatically adding new leads from Facebook to Salesforce or any CRM and sending the first intro email.
Notify yourself of new leads coming in via text.

✌️ Send and receive SMS from your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc)

Give your CRM texting capabilities.
Have your agents send and receive SMS without leaving your CRM, being it Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedream or any other.

3️⃣ Automate Contracts

Generate contracts from templates once your prospect is ready to buy.
Automatically recognize new signed documents and change the deal stage in CRM once contracts are signed by everyone.

4️⃣ Round robin of Leads to Agents

Assign leads automatically to your real estate agents instead of adding and distributing them manually on your CRM.

🖐️ MLS Listing to Socials (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin)

Publish new listings from KW or any Real Estate feed to Socials, automatically. Mark featured listings from on your Instagram, with one click.
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Top 10 apps used by Real Estate

  1. Facebook Lead Ads Get leads from targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  1. Text Messaging Connect with your leads where they are.
  1. Follow Up Boss A real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that helps agents and teams manage their leads and automate their follow-up processes.
  1. Zillow and A real estate platform that provides access to home listings, market data, and a mortgage marketplace.
  1. kvCORE A real estate platform that offers a range of tools for agents and brokerages, including lead generation, CRM, marketing automation, and website building capabilities.
  1. DocuSign An electronic signature platform that allows real estate professionals to sign and send documents securely.
  1. Lob (Direct Mail) Send postcards. Marketing at the door of your prospects.
  1. RingCentral Send and receive SMSs. Make and receive calls. Leave dispositions. Mobile and desktop.
  1. LoopNet A commercial real estate platform that provides access to property listings, market data, and other resources for real estate professionals.
  1. HouseCanary A real estate data analytics platform that provides market insights and valuation tools.