What is workflow automation?

Jul 3, 2024
What is workflow automation?
Consider the following scenario: you have a great business idea (as you so often do), after months of planning you finally manage to get it all started, only to hit a wall that starts to shutter your dream: it turns out you need to spend countless hours completing boring and never-ending manual tasks that pull you away from what you really should be spending your time, money, and energy on. What do you do? Now imagine you could outsource said repetitive tasks to a software that has been specially trained to perform them consistently and on time each time. This process doesn’t only save you time, it also saves you money and minimizes the risk of human error. Sounds like a win-win, right?

That’s Workflow Automation in a nutshell, now… 

How does it work?

Delegating repetitive tasks to a trained piece of software has a lot of bright sides. Imagine you have a retail shop, you could automate anything from orders to delivery to invoicing, so at the end of the day you don’t have to put “that” information on a spreadsheet, or remember to print shipping labels, it would all happen automatically once an order is placed, thanks to your new and clever automated assistant.

What if things change?

Luckily software like this can learn a lot of “what if”s, all it takes is for someone to establish a clear logic tree that determines: “in this case do this, in that case, do that”. Tools like Zapier and Make are great for automating processes like that, and also for connecting your day-to-day software products so that data can quickly get where it needs to get without hustle or error.

What else can it do?

Workflow automation doesn’t just make your business more efficient, it can also improve your customer experience considerably. Imagine a dentist whose patients are tired of filling out their information every time they need something. Now imagine automating a workflow so that next time they click a button all their data is already pre-filled. Sounds like a better scenario, right?

What kind of software is best for Workflow Automation?

At Connex Digital we trust and regularly use Zapier, Make, and Airtable, so much so that we’ve built a whole business around helping our clients automate all kinds of workflows by connecting all kinds of apps to them. Our goal is to continue delivering the best high-quality and cost-effective solutions tailored to each client, so you can maximize your productivity, efficiency, and minimize any errors along the way.