Supercharge Your Online Forms

Capture the right data | Effortlessly transfer it between apps | Eliminate human error
Tired Of Spending So Much Time On Forms?
Forms… forms everywhere.
Contact forms. Registration forms. Legal forms. Order forms. Survey and satisfaction forms.
On the one hand, they make it relatively easy to capture a lot of important information. On the other hand, making sure that all the information is routed to the right place can take a huge amount of time.
It’s tedious and there’s a lot of potential for human error.
But what alternative do you have?
You need to be sure that you capture the correct information and get it into your CRM, inventory management system, email client, etc.
We can help.

Forms + Automation = Win

Using our extensive knowledge of both form builders and automation apps such as Zapier, we can create forms for you that will capture the correct information and then AUTOMATICALLY route that information to the proper place.
For example, say someone fills in your contact form on your website. We can create a workflow that automatically imports the information into your CRM and then sends out a follow up text message to that person.
Or say that a person registers for a webinar. We can import that data into your email client and then send automatic follow up emails reminding them about the webinar.
Simply put, we can take data that is entered into any form you might have and ensure that it automatically ends up in the right location, every single time.
No more copying and pasting. No more wasting hours on mindless work. No more human error.

Fillout to the rescue

We worked with many many forms in the past and lately resorted to a handful. Between those, Fillout is the one that stands out for
  • It’s high speed development (they publish new features every week)
  • It’s the perfet companion for Airtable and Notion
  • It can do things most form don’t like conditional pre loaded responses
  • It can store responses in multiple databases at once (eg: splitting contact details from the rest)
  • Super easy to build very complex forms
  • Client area coming soon
If you’re working with an online form, we can work with you.