A consultant available 24/7 on Slack and Notion for a German NGO

Jun 26, 2024
A consultant available 24/7 on Slack and Notion for a German NGO
  • Intuitive place for consultants to ask questions, Slack
  • Standardized Notion as a knowledge database
  • Wait times reduced from hours to just a minute

The Client

The organization is a leading language school in Germany. It has a related non-profit initiative that assists immigrants in Germany, particularly in securing government programs to help them find employment

The Challenge

  • Information about specific government programs is dispersed across various Notion databases, pages, and workspaces.
  • This is due to the difficulty in structuring data within Notion in a universally understandable, easily findable, and input-friendly manner.
  • Junior consultants typically
    • first search for information in Notion, then
    • reach out to all Senior consultants on Slack to determine who has the most experience in a particular topic. Finally,
    • they then wait for a response.
  • This process causes significant delays as Juniors often wait hours for a Senior's response, interrupting the Seniors' workday with requests.

The Solution

  • Connex implemented a Slack bot that could be tagged at any time.
  • The bot uses AI to get questions and provide answers, Notion as its knowledge database, and Zapier to connect both.
  • Users can ask questions in an unstructured conversation format. The bot retrieves the requested information from Notion-Pinecone and responds, much like a Senior team member would.
  • The bot can learn new information directly from Slack, either through a quick command or an emoji. This action creates an entry in Notion that serves as training data for the AI.
  • Notion and the AI are kept synchronized, allowing anyone to update the information retrievable by AI from Notion.

The Results

  • Connex consolidated a unique method for consistent data storage in Notion, which paved the way for integrations.
  • Junior consultants can now ask questions directly through Slack, their preferred daily app.
  • Wait times have been reduced from hours to just a minute.
  • Senior consultants no longer face interruptions.
  • Both Junior and Senior consultants can now double their work capacity.

Tech Used

  • Slack is the interface and common app at Match Talent.
  • Notion as the knowledge database.
  • OpenAI as the AI.
  • Pinecone as the AI database.
  • Zapier to connect all apps.