Reporting deal stages with Google Slides and Stack Graphs for Solana

Jun 26, 2024
Reporting deal stages with Google Slides and Stack Graphs for Solana
  • Real-time, easy to read reports
  • Improved sales forecasting
  • 5 hour a month saved in reporting activities

The Client

Solana Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and development of a blockchain ecosystem. It supports decentralized application projects and innovative blockchain technology through funding, education, and community engagement.
We worked with the Partnerships department streamlining their New Business reporting operations.
The Partnership Team is tracking opportunities in an Airtable base, in a format that is difficult for upper Management to digest.
A Google Slide template for weekly reporting was created in a Stage v Vertical matrix, but this produced friction as double entry is needed, opening the door to human error.

The Challenge

  • The lack of a real-time, reliable method to track and visualize changes in opportunity stages was affecting the ability to make informed business decisions and projections.
  • This tracking challenge creates a complex situation for both reporting and strategic planning.
  • It's difficulty to keep track of changes in opportunity stages over time, especially when an account progresses or regresses between stages.
  • Employees were frustrated due to the extra effort required to manually duplicate entries in Google Slides.

The Solution

  • The solution Connex created is a dynamic and user-friendly dashboard in Airtable Interfaces that accurately reflects opportunity stage progressions in real-time, equipped with drill-down features for detailed analysis.
  • Moreover, an integration with Google Slide was built to create presentation type reports in seconds, on demand.

The Results

As a result, the company benefited from improved strategic decision-making, accurate forecasting, and a better overall understanding of their sales pipeline.
Employees gained efficiency, reduced manual workload, and enabled better collaboration and meeting preparation thanks to the streamlined process of accessing detailed account information.
  • An at a glance view of numbers that is easily accessible and delivered on time.
  • 5 hours saved per month.

Tech Used

  • Airtable Interfaces
  • Zapier
  • Google Slides

Who would benefit from a similar project

This automation would be particularly useful for companies in tech fields like SaaS or any organization with complex sales processes requiring detailed tracking of opportunities across various stages.