Influencer Onboarding for Ford Dealerships

Jun 27, 2024
Influencer Onboarding for Ford Dealerships
  • 4x agency operator output.
  • Clear understanding of all onboarding processes at any time.
  • Spend and rights acquired reporting time slashed from an hour to minutes.

The Client

CreatorMKT is a marketing agency managing social media and SEO for Bill Brown Ford, a major Ford dealership.
They are always scouting and onboarding new influencers, especially those publishing pictures with Ford cars. The goal is to purchase rights on pictures Ford can later use on their social media accounts.

The Challenge

  • Scouting and onboarding started to be unmanageable at scale.
  • Onboarding started on Instagram and then moved over email. It required several stages and data gathering including signing contracts and initial payouts
  • There was no tracking of influencers contacted, or stage they were in.
  • All the process were followed on a Google Doc

The Solution

Connex built an Airtable base with tables for influencers and payments, including data such as Instagram handles, PayPal addresses, contracts, stages, etc.
Zapier was added on top to:
  1. Send introductory emails when a content creator onboarding started
  1. Send the DocuSign contract
  1. Check if payment was sent to content creator
  1. Send templated emails for each onboarding stage

The Results

  • A single agency operator slashed their time from 4 to 1 hour a day on onboarding new influencers, time that can be spent now scouting more influencers.
  • The agency is able to understand the stage of any new onboarding at any moment
  • The agency is able to report on Marketing spend and rights acquired in minutes.

Tech Used

  • DocuSign
  • Airtable
  • Zapier