#1 US Recruiting Agency using Slack and Bullhorn for job orders

May 11, 2024
#1 US Recruiting Agency using Slack and Bullhorn for job orders
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The Client

Boutique Recruiting is an award-winning US and Canada staffing agency offering personalized placements using cutting-edge technology and face-to-face meetings.
They are in 60, between Account Managers and head hunters.
They were using Bullhorn as their ATS to create job orders for clients, publish job openings, manage applicants and clients.
Slack was their internal communication tool, while MS Teams and Sharepoint stored external meetings with clients and candidates.

The Problem

  • Managers were manually creating job orders on Bullhorn.
  • Bullhorn requires 100s of fields for a single job order.
  • Fields were not readily available at the closing date.
  • Slack is used for internal comm and fields gathering.
  • Different people is responsible for different data points.
  • When all data was collected, it was still scattered on one or more Slack channels.
  • Files (Resumes, Cover Letters, contracts, etc) were too uploaded on Slack and hard to manage.
  • Organizing and copying data to Bullhorn was super time consuming.

The Solution

Slack offers an organic way to discuss job orders and candidates for that specific job order.
Connex built a series of Slackbots, forms and automations to streamline data gathering were the team was naturally working on, Slack:
  • Each new job order creates a dedicated Slack channel and a folder in Sharepoint.
  • Data can be loaded by Slack commands that pop pre-filled forms up, or with reacjis (emojis) data and files were copied in the correct location.
  • Each meeting is automatically sorted in the correct folders.

The Results

  • Team doesn't need to leave Slack at anytime to discuss and collect data for a job order
  • Every job order is ready and filled on time
  • No job order is stuck waiting for data points.
  • Once an order is finished, no extra time is required for delivery.

Tech Used

  • Bullhorn as the ATS and backend
  • Slack as the main interface for the whole operation
  • Sharepoint to store files

What the client says…

“I loved working with Connex, they made it so easy to keep up up to date on the progress of implementation. It felt having a whole team supporting us”

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