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Connex is a Certified Make Partner

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What Is Make?

Make is a platform that allows different apps to communicate with each other and share data. For example, let’s say you love an accounting app like Quickbooks or Freshbooks. The problem is that it doesn’t work particularly well with your favorite CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.) That’s where Make comes in. It allows you to connect apps that normally don’t communicate with each other. For example, say you send an invoice through Quickbooks. With Make, you can automatically make a note of that invoice in a customer record in Salesforce.

What Can Connex Do With Make?

Make is extremely powerful. It works with hundreds applications, allowing you to automate just about any action you can think of. We can set up automations that:
• Copy lead information from Facebook ads into your CRM. • Create a new line in a Google Sheet every time you receive an order in your Shopify store. • Keep projects moving along by copying data from Basecamp to Trello. • Post to your social media profile every time you publish a blog post. • Move respondent info from Typeform into your favorite CRM. • Send new leads follow up reminders via text message. • Send Google Calendar reminders to a Slack channel. • And soooo much more!
We won’t say the options are endless…but they’re close. Using Make, Connex can make all your apps work together in harmony, saving you a huge amount of time and effort. On top of that, because everything is done automatically, human error is dramatically reduced.

But That’s Not All…

Even if your preferred app doesn’t have a native Make integration, we can still work with it.
As long as the app has an API, we can get it to work with Make. We’ll build you a custom integration that still lets you use the power of Make in your business.

Meet Your Certified Make Experts

What’s a certified Make expert? Make experts are individuals with advanced experience who have been certified by Make. Being a certified expert means that we’ve been tested by Make and have proven that we have the skills to create complicated, advanced workflows.
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Paul Kortman
Vera Nguyenova
We’ve built thousands of automations, many of them extremely complex. In fact, one automation has over 50 steps!
We specialize in finding inefficiencies in your business and then creating advanced automations that significantly reduce those inefficiencies.
Instead of spending hours and hours on low-value, low-impact, tedious tasks, you’re freed up to give your time and energy to the things that really make a difference.

What we can do for you on Make?

Build Make scenarios and automate your workflows
Troubleshoot Make scenarios

Is the app you use missing from the Make directory?

We can build the connector for your app.