Do you have any questions regarding our services or how everything works behind the scenes? Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions to guide you through any doubts you may have. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ll love to help you out!
How much do your services cost?
Keeping in mind every piece of software is different, as are the needs of each client, we start every consultation by asking you what it is that your business needs. Are you hoping to move leads into your CRM, and if so, do they come via CSV, Email… is it connected to an API? How much data do you need to transfer? These questions are essential to estimate the exact cost of your personalized solutions.
How long does it take?
Following the same logic, every project takes a very different amount of time depending on the simplicity or complexity of the solutions needed. That’s why the first step should always be setting up a consultation and developing a plan that works for your business goals and particular timeline.
As an agency, we’re used to taking on big projects that often take months. Our clients continue to trust us because they see and appreciate the stability that comes from working with a team of full-time certified professionals they can trust long-term.
What do you recommend for my specific business?
In order to give you personalized advice, we need to establish what are your specific business needs. How do you get new clients? How do you get them into your CRM and your sales tools? How do you market to them? How do you track their information?… A way to get started is by asking yourself: Where do you spend time doing menial tasks like copy/ paste, import/ export? That’s where automation can come in handy.
Will my data be safe?
Each integration software provides a different layer of security. Some are HIPAA or GDPR compliant, others are not. Platforms like Integromat also offer different options to keep your data secure at different prices. When in doubt, share your security concerns/ needs with us and we’ll find the best tool for the job that helps you accomplish just that.
Does Connex Digital build software?
We use low-code and no-code tools which not only save you significant money, they also allow us to have a version ready faster so you can test your ideas and theories without the need to spend a lot of money on complex custom software.
Do I have to pay both you and Zapier/ Make?
Yes. We offer a service and work independently from any of our partners. Software subscriptions to Zapier, Make, or any other apps are not included in our service fees.
Do you work with software XYZ?
Yes, we do. As integration specialists, we can work with any piece of software, whether we have experience with it or not. Tell us about your business and we’ll find the best, custom solution for your specific needs.
What is your partner policy?
At Connex Digital we appreciate all our partnerships with different software companies, however, we take pride in being a company that recommends the best tool for the job, not the one that we get paid for. We have affiliate relationships, but we don’t always use the affiliate link to recommend that piece of software. We’d much rather recommend the right tool for our clients than make a few extra dollars.