Airtable Record Limit

Oct 7, 2023
Airtable Record Limit

Have you exceeded the usage limits for your base?

Surely the answer is YES and you are looking for a solution.
First of all let’s explore the limits that Airtable currently have.

How many records can Airtable hold?

It depends on your workspace plan, bases have a limit for records and attachment space.

Airtable plan limits are:

Base limits per workspace plan

  • Free - 1,200 records, 2GB attachment space per base
  • Plus - 5,000 records, 5GB attachment space per base
  • Pro - 50,000 records, 20GB attachment space per base
  • Enterprise - 250,000 records (100k per table), 1000GB attachment space per base
Additionally, every base can have up to 1,000 tables and 500 extensions.
Now that we know base limits which are conditioned by the plan we have, there are still limits per table. Unlike the base limits, table limits are the same for any Airtable plan.

How many tables can an Airtable base have?

You can have up to 1,000 tables per base, but you still will have limits per table:

Table limits

  • Views per table - 1,000
  • Fields per table - 500
  • Records per table - 100,000

What’s the Airtable record limit for Enterprise?

If you have an Enterprise license you will have a limit of 100,000 records per table.

Are there any workarounds or solutions to the ‘100,000 row limit’ problem?

If you expect that the record limit for enterprise will be surpassed, here you got some strategies in order to keep using Airtable and avoid data migration to other platform:
  • Delete unnecessary records
  • Delete empty records
  • Check for filtered records
  • Split contents of the base across multiple bases
  • Download data via CSV or even paste old records into another base to "archive" them elsewhere
  • Use a SQL database in tandem
  • If you have an ecommerce with thousands of SKU, you can think of grouping SKUs for similar products (eg same shoe, different sizes)
Automate any of these tasks with Zapier, Make, or Airtable automation.

Need help to implement any of these workarounds?

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